Friends Burial Ground (NT008)


A refreshing open space in a very built-up neighborhood. Clearly many of the stones have disappeared as there are wide grassy patches. Presumably many of the people noted in Quaker records are actually buried here---but we may never know because the stones have gone or were, in the early Quaker way, never inscribed. Some of the names in the database come from Alden Beaman's transcription (AGB), some from the continuing efforts of Len Panaggio (LP). In 2006 Barb Austin and Letty Champion photographed all of the stones in this cemetery. These photographs were then used to correct the transcript in the database and to add over 100 stones not transcribed previously. A note in Quaker records for Jacob Mott who died in 1779 at age 88 (perhaps in Newport, perhaps not) gives an interesting glimpse of the past of this cemetery. It says that he was buried in his own ground, "the meeting house and yard [this cemetery] occupied by Hessians." GPS coordinates 41 deg. 29' 36.74"N x 71 deg. 18' 49.42"W

This site was acquired by Island Cemetery in 1932.

Use this link for a complete listing of burials in this site on the Rhode Island database

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