Arnold Burying Ground (NT011)


Located on Pelham Street between Spring St. and Bellevue Ave, this site was established by Governor Benedict Arnold (1615-1678) for his family and his relatives.  His great grandson was a general in the Revolutionary War who is best remembered as a traitor to his country.  Gov. Arnold owned the land on which the well known Newport stone tower is located.

There are fifty-three gravestones on this site today and thirteen once here, are no more.  This is remarkable as the entire site was lost for nearly ninety years when a house was built upon the site and all the stones had been buried.  Alice Brayton purchased the property in 1946 and with the help of John Howard Benson and T. J. Brown, removed the cottage and restored the site to its current configuration.

The Burying Place of Governor Arnold was published in 1960 to document this restoration. The site was later given to the Preservation Society of Newport County.

Pictured- Alice Brayton, savior of the Arnold Burying Ground


Use this link to the Rhode Island database to view burials in this site.


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