Braman Cemetery (NT004) Database Introduction

The Braman Cemetery was established in 1898 as a private cemetery, reflective of the rural or garden cemeteries found in America. The land was part of the Braman farm operated by John C Braman(1813-1884) and his sons, David(1845-1921) and Daniel(1850-1907).  David, Daniel, and Robert Fell formed the cemetery company. The original layout document is in the vault of the City of Newport (a small piece is pictured at the top of this page). It can be viewed by inquiring at the City Clerk’s office. A binder with original purchases is also in the vault of Newport City Hall.

Highlights of graves in Braman

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Stone numbers used in the data base-


Exceptions to original plot numbers:

Data recorded- Many stones provided names and dates listed in this database but some stones were incomplete in their information. To supplement the information, databases on ancestry.com were used to fill in missing information. If evidence is not conclusive that the person was buried under the stones, that possibility is noted. Military stones issued by the government were mostly lacking birth and death dates. Applications for headstones, Navy causality list from Civil War to 1941, Navy Burial list and general documents were useful in finding dates for these men. Father Aaron Walker of St. Spyridon’s Greek Orthodox Church was helpful in reading information from Greek stones. Jewish Gen included on Ancestry.com was helpful with dates for Jewish gravestones and Rabbi Mac Mandel of the Jewish congregation helped as well.

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