Clifton or Golden Hill Burying Ground (NT014)

This  burial site was originally owned by Thomas Clifton.  In 1675 he gave the land to the Society of Friends for use as a burial site. Despite the Quaker "norm" for undecorated stones, there are many exceptional examples of stones from all the important Colonial carvers. There are 160 marked burials on this site

A private family burial site for the Wanton family was located on the east end of the Clifton land ca. 1771.  The two sites combine to appear as one.  The Wanton section contains the only known colonial era crypt for burials in the city and is marked by the marble stone pictured to the right.

This site is located on Golden Hill Street behind the Newport library.

Use this link for a self-guided tour of Clifton

Notable burials in this site include:

Governor Jeremy Clarke (1605-1651)

Governor Walter Clarke (1637c-1714)

Governor Joseph Wanton (1705-1780)

Governor William Wanton (1670-1733)

Mary Cranston (1663c-1710)- wife of Governor Samuel Cranston

Freborn Clarke (1635c-1710)- daughter of Roger Williams and wife of Governor Walter Clarke

Job Townsend (1699c-1765)- first member of the famous Townsend and Goddard furniture makers.

Use this link to view a complete list of burials in this site on the Rhode Island database.

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