United Congregational Churchyard (NT012)

Colonial Newport had two Congregational churches, the first was established in 1695 and the second in 1728. Burials of church members were not connected to land adjacent to the house of worship, and most congregants were buried in the Common Burying Ground. The land for the First Congregational Society that stood on Mill Street was given by Governor Benedict Arnold. Behind the church were the graves of the Reverend Mr. Clap, the Reverend Mr. Helyer, and the Reverend Mr. Hopkins. These graves were relocated to a lot on the side of the United Congregational Church located on Spring Street.

From the State website:

This cemetery contains the graves of two Congregational ministers, one of which (1839) was removed at a so-far unknown date from an older cemetery attached to the First Congregational church on Mill St. The second, a monument, commemorates a pastor of the 2nd Congregational church, who died in Hartford CT. in 1839 (Hon. Robert Franklin, "Newport Cemeteries," Special Bulletin #10 of NHS, Dec. 1913, pp. 44-45). GPS coordinates 41 deg. 29' 08.57"N x 71 deg. 18' 46.27"W                               


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