Jonathan Easton Burial Ground (NT015)

"History of Newport County, Rhode Island," New York, 1888, ed. Richard M. Bayles, mentions this lot as being "in good order." Robert Franklin mentions it as "a small walled enclosure, originally part of the old Easton farm, containing the graves of members of the Easton family" ("Newport Cemeteries," SPECIAL BULLETIN of the Newport Historical Society, Newport, RI, 1913, p. 43). Transcriptions by Alden Beaman published in "Rhode Island Genealogical Register," vol. 10. GPS coordinates 41 deg. 28' 53.18"N x 71 deg. 18' 0.10"W

IN 2012 a plan to develope the area of Easton Road and Faxon Green was created.  The plan created building lots and parceled the Easton burial ground as an independent parcel.  A 3' public right-of way was created on the north side of the Lot#1 for access to the burial site. (see attached map)

Use this link to the Rhode Island database to see a listing of burials in this site.
This map shows the location of each grave.

Use this link to highlighted graves.

In 2022, neighbor Jim Hedin contacted the cemetery commission about the ivy growth in the site.  Another neighbor had her landscaper do some work but additional work was needed.  Volunteer Jimmy Lappin stepped forward and cleared the ivy from the site.  His effort included digging out the ivy roots.

before ivy clearing

after some work

work completed!

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