Fort Adams Cemetery (NT017)

Margaret Beaman's note with 8 transcriptions: "This is a military cemetery with the graves in meticulously straight rows which are widely separated. It is in a field (park) near the Ocean (Narragansett Bay) and fenced with a neat hedge. The older graves are nearer the Ocean. The last 2-4 rows furthest removed from the Ocean are of persons who died in the 1930's and 1940's. Many of the stones give only a death date with no birth date or age at death. In a few rows from the most recent graves are those who died in World War I and the 1920's. Most persons in the military cemetery died young; it is probably for this reason that we found no husband and wife both buried together in this cemetery." (1991) Her transcriptions are coded MB. In 1995 John Sterling transcribed all the stones and input the data under the code JES. GPS coordinates 41 deg. 28' 21.55"N x 71 deg. 20' 40.77"W



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